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fly away to Neverland, baby we'll never land
i-am-youth-i-am-joy asked → With the lost boys gone, Peter was in the need of a new gang! He headed out to the humans land, the fairy boy landing in the trees, wondering where he had come to this time. After all the world was moving all the time, though he didn't know that exactly, so his star could end up above some place new. He heard crying and flew towards it, smiling to himself. A sad child! Perfect for recruiting.


Daryl who had pulled himself precariously into a tree to hide from the rage he left back at his home, now sat pressed against the trunk of the tree, both legs pulled to his chest as he cried quietly. The fresh marks on his back stung and he could feel the blood bleeding past the back of his shirt. He wasn’t even entirely certain what he’d been whooped for this time, the missing liquor, the missing cigarettes, the bag of weed stuffed into the side of the couch, the pidgeon meat he’d burned for breakfast…

Peter landed on a tree as few feet away, curious to the sight of blood on the boy. And to the fact he was crying! Boys didn’t cry, ” Hey! ” He called from across branches, ” What are you crying for? ” He sounded almost sympathetic, ” Are you hurt? ” He could probably help that, if he could get the boy to Neverland. Get the Indians to patch him up right quick! They were good at doing that.

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i-am-youth-i-am-joy asked → " Whoa! What is this thing? It smells totally rotten! " The boy floated out of the way of a corpse, landing a few feet away. Tinkerbell chimed something strange, " Undead? How can something be dead and then not? That's impossible. Why is it here? Wha- " An arrow went through the head of the creature and he jolted back, but grinned, " And it dies. Is it unundead now Tink? I wonder who shot that... " Tinker flew under his clothes, as he peered around where the arrow had come from.


Daryl’s eyes darted over the area, looking around for any more risen that may be in the area. The voice he heard had him on edge, there were living in the area, they could be just as dangerous as the dead. He squinted at the face that appeared around the corner, it was just a boy? Was he out on his own? “You alone?” He asked, a defensiveness to his tone, crossbow pointed at the boy.

Peter perked up when he saw someone pointing a bow at him, grinning arrogantly. He felt proud to be seen as a threat, as he put his hands on his sides, ” I’m never alone! Though I am currently looking for other boys to come with me, since I’ve only got Tink. ” He tilted his head, ” But I suppose I shouldn’t go around telling pirates all my plans. You know I thought they didn’t have pirate down here. ” Last time he checked anyway, they were rather hard to find. Plus he had no idea how much time had passed since Wendy, pirate could be… extinct or something!

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Send me a * and my muse will react to your muse pointing a gun at their head.
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Sir, you are both ungallant and deficient. 
How am I deficient?
You’re just a boy. 

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Write a dream or a nightmare for my character in my ask.


See how they react to it.


Ooh yes!

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